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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

It suits my style very well. I play everything from jazz to floyd to NIN to tool to korn... Very full sound, maybe to full. thats why id like the tapping pickups.


I believe this guitar to be very durable. If i had the extra bucks i would have gotten the C7plus but its a lot more money. I think the finish will last, EXcellent strap but tons,strap wont come off. I would use it without a 7 string back up But id have my trusty old 6string heartfield (with a neck that now feels like a banjo) waiting in the wings.


General Comments

Awesome ax. I would buy it again. Im addicted to the extra string, i think it really puts the E more into context, plus i no longer need to tune down. I love the huge neck, i cant play my 6 string anymore it feels like a toy. My only real gripe is NO ONE from the vancover area sells them! I really think that schecter is an up and coming company and will grow as soon as people see how great there guitars are.

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