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Sound Quality

This thing produced the WORST possible tones and then some.It wasnt allowed(in Guitar Center) to turn the preamp UP w/a Real Poweramp hooked in to a 4x12 cabinet.I played it at talking volumes....sounded ok. Brought it home and got shit out of it.A NEW Unit too!What a waste of time and energy the JMP-1 is. Not even a real tube Preamp.I Know because before I brought back to Guitar Center I had My Local AmpTech look at it(shitty tones caused me to have a NEW Preamp looked at By a Bench Tech.)He laughed and pointed out the Transistors in the path between the tubes that produce the Distortion anjd Shit tones that it makes. I was Like: whatthefuck..? Back to Guitar Center and screamed at the Mgr.: Gimme back My Money! Got My $ back.....and bought a Bogner from a Internet Dude. Never looked back! Sold the Mesa 50/50 too. The JMP-1 SUCKS.


what a Piece of Sheep Shit! I HOPE they go Bankrupt and have to eat rice and potatoes for the next 25 years. Reliable..? Who cares!

General Comments

I would rate all of Marshall and their products WORTHLESS and Full of {censored}.

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