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Sound Quality

I play a Les Paul Custom and a Randall RC-235 amp. It is fairly quiet for the most part, but some of the patches are a bit loud. With proper tweaking, this thing will give you most of the sounds you are looking for... from blues to metal. The wah absolutely SUCKS... but all of the other effects are amazing and there are so many parameters for each one that the possibilities are endless. The EQ is far better than the one on my Rocktron PRO GAP. I like playing Boston tunes and I almost had some patches edited to sound just like them... but alas, nothing does it like a real ROCKMAN!


The footswitches on mine wore down after a few years and are not usable... tried fixing it myself and found that the pedals are really cheaply made... doubt I'll buy another one from the RP line though I do like the sound. I also hate the fact that one day it just decided not to work... started flashing all these numbers up. I sent it in to have it fixed, only to find out it needed to be reset which involves pressing a certain sequence of buttons.

General Comments

I like playing hard rock and it's pretty good for that. I've been playing for 10 years and can say that this has some of the best sounds I've heard from a multi effects unit. Beats the Zoom 505, Yamah FX500, DOD FX7 and Ibanez PT-3 (all of which I owned at one time or another). It needs a MIDI input which I understand the newer models have...then I could control it and not worry about the footswitches wearing down. Other than that, it's great!

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