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Sound Quality

I have a Japanese Ibanez RG going through a 5150 and these EQ's work wonders in the FX loop of any tube amp. A lot of the time an amps' 3 band EQ just isn't enough. You can get a good tone, but like on my 5150, I HAVE to boost the 100's and cut the 200's to keep the bass from muddying up and dominating everything. This way you get defined power, and it's not something you'd be able to do any other way. Also, try cutting the bass frequencies in front of the amp, then using another EQ to boost the bass after the amp. Works like a charm! Unfortunately the pedal hisses pretty bad when you boost anything over 1/4. You pretty much have to use it as a frequency cutter. Boost the frequencies you want to boost, then move everything down to below the line level point. Then, if you really need too, boost the master level slider a tad. But otherwise it's no big deal. 7 for noise.


The only thing I dislike about it is those little white knobs on the sliders like to pop off. Other than that, it's bulletproof.

General Comments

It's great, just as useful as any other EQ, although the outdated noisy components hold it back. It's a 25 year old design, and $3 in parts will quiet up most of the noise. No way this thing should really cost $90... but EQ's tend to be expensive anyway...

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