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Sound Quality

Excellent sounds. I have seen negative reviews about this one- some complain that everything is obscure, extreme and unusable. Well, have you ever taken the car out of the garage? Nobody uses just the factory defaults. Spend some time with it, setup some patches for your particular songs and program them in. When tweaked, this thing will put out just about any sounds you can dream up.


Awesome. I've had mine for over 12 years, and it just wigged out a week ago. One day, some of the filters stopped working. The next day, when I powered it on, it went into some sort of demo mode and then when I hit a pedal, it would give an error message. I emailed one of the "authorized service centers", and they said it would be ~$100 to fix it. I found a yahoo group for RP-10's, and read through the threads, and I found out that the Lithium battery went bad and corrupted the memory. So, I bought a new battery (3.29 at radio shack), and did a factory reset, and it's back as good as new. I also had a backup of my configs using RPEdit, so I'm set. Otherwise, completely reliable.

General Comments

I play a lot of cover stuff, along with some of my own stuff. The music styles and effects vary considerably. As I said before, the factory default presets are pretty much just to show off what this thing can do. They're all extreme, so they're not much use, but it can be customized to do pretty much anything, save a few more modern effects. I setup patches for each song or band style, and since this is MIDI, it can be controlled by the sound engineer from the soundboard for live performances.

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