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Sound Quality

I play mostly electric, but wanted a good acoustic that's in a reasonable price range. I tried out the limited edition koa top D-03 also and didn't spring for the extra ~$400 CDN. The sound was brighter, the spruce has more body. The balance of tone is really even--the highs also come out really nicely. I've had it for a little under a year, and it should age guite nicely in the future. The sound is full and brilliant. The guitar resonates really well, especially if I don't rest my arm on it. I put 13s on it, but I found that the highs didn't come out as well and the sound had a little too much bottom, so I switched to 12s. Whenever I stop by L&M's acoustic shop, I always pick up the rosewood version of this now (or a higher model with gloss finish, whatever...) I personally like the rosewood better. It has more of a sparkle to it, or presence. I'm happy with this guitar. Worthy of an 8, not really a 10. It is rare for me to take this guitar out of the house. Don't know how it will sound miked or with a pickup. Very satisfied though.


I haven't really done anything but baby this guitar. It hasn't had a lot of live playing. I can't comment too much on in this category. It seems to be built solidly. The body is thin, however, so don't count on hitting your little brother with it. If used with care it should last a lifetime. The finish seems thick enough to last, but not so think that it impedes the vibrations too much.

General Comments

I have been playing for around 10 years. I have been playing shows for the last year or so. I'm not a working musician, I'm 17 yrs old. The other gear I have is an Am Dlx Strat, an LP Custom, a marshall stack, and a solid state fender combo.


If this guitar were stolen, I would buy another one for sure, or maybe go for the rosewood D-03.


I also looked at Martins and Taylors in the same range. I liked the D-03 better. Also I would rather buy a Canadian guitar than something else.


I love the sound of this guitar. It's a good 'can't go wrong' guitar. There's nothing I don't like about it.

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