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Sound Quality

This unit functions far better in the effects loop of an amp than it does direct. I've found the tone a little lacking when plugging straight in. Generally the effects are of pretty good quality considering the cost of this unit on the used market. You can emulate almost any sound with some effort.


I used this unit on gigs with no backup for years. I take considerable care when transporting gear around, and if one does this the SGX will do its part. The way some of the rear jacks are mounted is rather suspect though, but to date I haven't had any problems.

General Comments

I bought the unit when it was new and have owned it for about 8 years. In 25 years of playing I have delved into many styles and find the SGX quite useful. I try to use if with amps that have effects loop circuitry and chose this unit because it had good sounds at a good price when compared to other units available at the time. If I had to replace it I'd probably get another but I would look around a bit if it was going to be my ONLY effects box. Today there are LOTS of things on the market that didn't exist when I bought my SGX.

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