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Sound Quality

I use a sh*tload of guitar sounds, from Mr. Clean to Captain Crunch to Fuzzy Ferret to Molten Metal. I thought this unit would certainly do the trick. I was WRONG! It makes GESTURES at these sounds, but that's it. This over-priced, over-hyped unit is tragic. It has what must be the most lifeless, character-less sounds I have ever heard. ZERO dynamics, and even though there are 10 basic sounds to choose from, they really aren't that versatile. Hard to describe, but this thing has no feel to it; it's like plugging a guitar into a homogenizing box--they all come out the same. The distorted sounds, when high gain, are way too compressed and buzzy. The cleanest cleans have no sparkle. I am an audio engineer in a studio, and when of the players had this at the heart of his rack, I spent 4 hours explaining to him why he shouldn't use it. He was pissed...but the tape didn't lie. For metal-heads, this preamp would be okay. If you want TONE, not sound, and CHARACTER, not caricature, look elsewhere. This thing is a one trick pony, and there are MANY other units that do that trick better for a LOT less money.


I have no idea.....it stayed with me for 3 days before I gave up and took it back.

General Comments

I would compare this unit to having about 6 cheap distorto-pedals at your disposal. You would be better off with a Line 6 POD, a Rocktron Piranha (if you can find one), even a Marshall JMP-1 (which I don't even like). Hell, the old Crate TDP from 1991 or so was better than this thing, at 1/4th the cost. I have been playing for 13 years, working in the studio for 4. Unless that spider guy has one hell of a modification (I hope he doesn't just swap tubes...that wouldn't do enough to change my mind about this piece of dung), this is for metal guys ONLY.


I never cared for MP-1...but that is a FAR better preamp than this one.

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