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Sound Quality

I heard some and read decent comments about the Guild humbuckers, but those pick-ups were made before Fender took over. I do not know how much Fender has influenced Guild, but the humbuckers on this model are pretty bland, like all other Fender pick-ups. The neck pick-up sounds better, but I think it has to do more with the position than the pick-up. The sound of the guitar when played acoustic sounds great. The depth of the guitar really adds a nice, mellow low end. The maple body complements the sound with a crisp high-end. I will definitely replace these with either older Guild or PAF-sounding humbuckers (not Gibsons). Need to take advantage of the guitar's inherent sound qualities.


Due to its thickness, it feels more durable than the Starfire IV or ES-335. I have already banged it around and it still looks and plays great. This is a gig/road-ready guitar.

General Comments

I have been playing for 20 years and this is will be a great guitar once I replace the stock humbuckers. I am also going to replace the Bigsby with a trapeze tailpiece since I do not care for Bigsbys. this guitar more than kills my jones for an ES-335 type guitar. Despite Fender's presence, Guild is still making quality guitars. There is absolutely no need to buy a Gibson when a more than comparable model such as the Guild Starfire line exists. The money you save can be used to make the needed changes to the remove Fenders influence and make it the guitar it should be. On a personal note, I do not have a thing against Fender or Gibson guitars, particularly the older models. It is that the current incarnation of those companies are using their names to overcharge musicians on their "high-end" instruments that really pretty average. Guild was one of the few companies that made high quality instruments at more than reasonable prices. However, I am seeing the prices of many Guild instruments going higher, though the quality remains the same. Oh well, another good company name goes by the wayside.

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