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Sound Quality

I use a BC Rich Warlock with the stock pickups, usually in E or drop D tuning. I also have a Squier strat with stock pickups in C# tuning. I play punk (Ataris, Saves the Day, Fenix TX) metal (Godsmack, Static X) thrash (Old Metallica) and art rock (A Perfect Circle). I also run through a Boss GT-3 effects processor. When I first bought the amp, I thought this amp was awesome because I was a beginning guitarist. This was before buying the effetcs processor. I still think the amp sounds real good w/o the GT-3, but u get some surprisingly awesome sounds from the processor. I think the clean is just about the best clean I have heard in an amp. The distortion is also very good. It doesn't get that loud due to the 25W speaker, but if you are just practicing, this a perfect amp. I suggest getting a little louder of an amp if you gig. Also, for all you people that gave this guitar bad ratings, you all must be really bad at guitar or you must have horrible guitars. And if you can't get this thing loud enough to be heard over the drums, you must have reviwed the wrong amp or somethin because I can always get this thing to be heard over everyone in my band.


No problems and I've owned it for 2 years.

General Comments

I think this amp is an awesome practice amp. It isn't loud enough for gigging, but you should have a larger amp for gigging anyway. I wish fender would continue making this amp.

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