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Sound Quality

Fender USA Lead 1/Ibanez Talman TC420->Boss autowah->Boss bass overdrive->Boss feedback/distortion->Yamaha Jap flanger->trem->MXR Phase 45->volume pedal->Boss EQ->Boss delay/sampler into a variety of different solid state and valve amps (mostly Fender Super 210 valve). It's at least adequate, if not very good. I only just sold it in favour of an old Yamaha Japan flanger. No noise or distorting of existing tones, as you would expct from, especially Japanese Boss.



General Comments

We play indie pop and a decent flange is vital. I've been playing for 15 years. This was a good flanger- it is just that the Yamaha one (which, by the way, self-oscillates!!) suited my purposes. Excellent pedal.

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