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Sound Quality

I play mainly rock and punk stuff, like offspring, greenday as well as nirvana and ugly kid joe etc. Its my first guitar so i naturally thought it sounded amazing until i went into my local shop and had a go on an ibanez rg series, which makes the fender look like a toy! I don't think the single coils are very well suited to my style of music. I don't like the clean tone too much, it sounds a bit twangy and not very rich at all, so i stick to distortion. The amp is useless for anything except practice as it is so small, but it can get surprisingly loud, although the quality suffers badly!


The lead it came with broke within 2 weeks! The gig bag is knackered in parts already! I would not gig with this guitar and it will probably become a backup wen i get an ibanez, but only bein 16, i don't hav much money!! The guitar itself seems to be holding up ok. The amp is a bit dodgy and starts screaming above level 8. The strap is very annoying and always falls off and i keep having to save my guitar from falling.


General Comments

Its probably the best beginner guitar u can get because it is made by fender so the quality is very good for the money you pay, and it comes with evrything you need, the video is surprisingly useful for getting started but i had been playing acoustic guitar for a couple of months first so i didn't use it that much. If your a beginner, this is the guitar for you, unless of course you are very rich and have money to burn, which i don't!

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