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Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

this guitar sounds great, i have seen some reviews that kinda suprise me a bit. i see one that gave this guitar a 3 for sound, then i looked a bit closer and realised that the guy said he was playing it threw a 5 watt crate and it just didnt sound as good as the rest of his guitars. this guitar sounds great for what its for. your not going to get thrash metal sounds from it. what you will get is a great clean sound and a great ac/dc sound. if you like jet , thats another great tone you can get. i am not knocking anyone but the guitar is just part of the tone, what your playing threw is the other half. this guitar loves tubes. our band covers anything from desterbed to funk and you cant have metal tone for all of it, so if your looking for something that will give your sound some depth, this is for you. great great tone.



General Comments

we play alot, and its never the same music, you cant get far if you play the same music night after night or even the same type of music for that matter. when we do foofighters or go to funk, this guitar dose the job and dose it well. i wish they made one with out the bigsby and maybe they do but this one stays in tune very well. if it came up missing, i would get another one, for the price, yes i would get another one

Reviewer's Background

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