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Sound Quality

I've used this pedal, with various les paul black beauties and a dan elctro dc3 i believe, as well as stripped down gibson v a epi riviera with bigsby and a peavey reactor (tele style)i run those through a boss dd5 boss flanger( now and then) a arion chorus guyatone "the fuzz" pedal, eh big muff, boss super over drive, digitech whammy and i periodically use a dod envelope filter, the last model that they released. Into a avt 50 head and crate cab (from the mid 80's) and a pair of 15 inch speaker cabs i made. I don't really try and imitate any ones sound, well I guess I do, I set out clean crunch and distorted rhythmm sounds for myself. I bought the pedal hoping it would fatten up my distorted sounds even more but got a nice surprise. IT TRACKS HORRIBLY!!! Which i guess isn't a surprise, considering the manufacturer. But this is a good thing at least in my case, i ended up loving the thing just because of it's tendency to freak out. its okay for faking basslines on the low strings, but those interested in being a little creative might want to pick it up


I would say it's pretty reliable, i don't abuse it or anything though. So far I've had no problems with the switch, it's actually my first dod with this type of switch mechanism.

General Comments

I play a lot of things, mainly things on the heavier spectrum, think Thrones , earth, melvins, integrated with of course, blues, honky tonk and surf. I've been playing for 5 years and im actually planning on buying another one as soon as I find one, seeing as how my boyfriend seems to have decided it's his now. I have my whammy pedal, one of the reissues, and too has bad tracking on it, but the octoplus it's worse making it more "unique" im thinking it's one of a kind, probably one of those pedals that will start a clone war in the coming years...nah probably not. It's absolutely great for what I do, iy adds a whole new layer of low to my sound as well as Flava, only joking. and they're pretty cheap, dirt cheap.

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