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Sound Quality

No one cares what gear I use. With a level EQ setting you can turn it on and off and there doesn't seem to be any loss of tone. However have three or more buffered bypass pedals (like boss use) and you'll notice a loss of sparkle. This pedal is no exception. This pedal does hiss but you are boosting frequencies and you are going to get hiss. It's to be expected. This pedal is useful to boost the mids and straighten out your tone. Lots of other reviewers seem to like scooping mids which I never understand why anyone would want to do such a thing, but what ever floats their boat. It's also useful to add a clean boost to drive a tube amp of make solos stand out. An EQ will make any amp sound better.


It's a boss Blah Blah

General Comments

I got this pedal because it was cheap and I could sell it and make a couple of quid. It does the job well, but there's a few things to remember:


12db+/- is not that much. The DOD EQ offers more range for less.

Anything that boosts the signal will add noise. This pedal is no exception.

This pedal only covers midrange frequencies and so is usless for anything other than guitars. The Bass EQ is more useful for other instruments.

A rack EQ will be quieter and offer more sound modelling tools. A 7 band EQ should only be used as a quick cheap solution, at a gig where you don't want to carry too much gear about, or to turn on and off EQ settings as an effect. Or just if you are poor.

If you want to stand out set the EQ like a "n". If you want to sound heavy set it like a "u".


This pedal is good for what it does but it won't replace my blues driver as a boost. I'm quite happy with my tone so I didn't really need an EQ. But it's not a bad pedal.


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