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Sound Quality

My set-up is as follows: Ibanez RG 570 EX > Boss DS-1 > Boss GE-7 > Marshall AVT 50 with a Korg AX100G in the FX Loop. I´m not very much into that 'V-shaped' metal sound. I rather set it up as a 'W' with the 100@6, 200@-2, 400@3, 800@10, 1.6k@3, 3.2k@-3 and 6.4k@6. With this setting I can get a nice and bright distortion with a great punch. The DS-1 has it´s tone at 1 o´clock and dist at 3 o´clock. If you boost up the level on the GE-7 you actually can get noise, but that´s because of the background-noise it is amplifying instead of the pedal itself. So far for the distortion... if you want to play it clean, you can add more depth with this pedal. Sounds great, but the effect is far less than with a distortion.


This thing would survive a nuclear blast, solid as a rock. Speakwise, you must feed it with a nuclear powerplant... Use an adaptor or rechargeable battery. Otherwise you´ll be spending half of your wage on batteries... so to speak.

General Comments

The styles I like to play are things like Punk/Emo/Indie-rock... bands like A Static Lullaby, Finch, Story of the Year and Thrice. It´s not that I exactly want to copy these sounds, but it gets really close to this.


It does not add noise to my set-up (but it logically amplifies the background noise if you crank up the level) so I´m very pleased with this.


One thing what can be improved is the manual. Perhaps a few suggestions about the settings would be nice and helps you understand how to set up an EQ.


For the rest... It does what it has to do; shape your sound the way you want. And it does its job very well.

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