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Sound Quality

I have tried this pedal with several types of guitars and amps, tube and SS. It's noisy. One of the previous reviewers was right: you can make an expensive tube amp sound like a Gorilla amp. This may be useful in some situations, which is the only reason I have this pedal. This would not serve most people as a main distortion. Use it for thin or buzzy effects, or to make your bandmates laugh.


Were it not for their switch structure and battery-compartment cover, these pedals would last a lifetime. Those two cheap components don't help matters, though. Mine is in fine shape for a twelve-year-old pedal.

General Comments

I have been playing a long time, and have several very nice, even boutique, pedals. However, I found this Metal Maniac mint-in-box after it had been on a shelf for over a decade, unpurchased. I thought it might be fun as an additional layer of cheap-sounding distortion on certain songs. I have to say, it's hard to get this thing to do even that. At least it's neon-yellow. In summary, it's a horrible, dumb, badly-designed pedal, which is hard to do with such a simple concept as distortion; but it's horrible and dumb in kind of a charming, laughable way.

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