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Sound Quality

I use it with a late 70's Les Paul Custom, a Fender Clapton-model strat (the lace sensors work nice with the digital distortion), and a Charvel "hair-band" guitar. . .the biggest thing you need to do is pay attention to the input/output knobs. . .these can make a huge difference in the sound depending on your guitar's output, or your amp's headroom. for amps, I send it through either an old Carvin (Boogie-style) 100W tube amp w/Ev, and a silverface Champ. . .It makes the Champ seem like 10 times the amp, though smaller old tube amps better be in good shape to handle the increased wattage through their front ends!! For factory pre-sets, "7" is a good early Zep sound, "8" is a good chorus-distortion (think Boston's first album), and "22" is a good bassy distortion (think Satriani's "Ice-9"). . .finally, "25" and "34" are good "british" sounds.


Never had a problem, though I pamper my gear. . .


General Comments

I bought mine new, but seeing the used prices out there, it's a lot of effect for the buck. . .I would have liked some built-in noise reduction, but there's lots of used Hush-IIs out there too for the cheaps. . .you really need two amps to make the most of the stereo sounds, and if you have one amp with hi-lo inputs into the same channel, use them both.

Reviewer's Background

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