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Sound Quality

I was originally went into the store to get a Boss OC-2 but tried it and it sounded very unnatural and fake. Saw this baby hiding in the corner and although its half the features [the Boss has 2 lower Octave voicings] its sound blew me away. Clean, precise and true to your guitar tone. With this pedal, my YJM Strat and 5150 I have Nailed RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S tone on the live intro to DIFFICULT TO CURE from FINYL VINYL. Awesome. The rating is 9 coz no pedal is perfect!


Not had it long enough to say!

General Comments

I play neo-classical metal and classic hard rock and this pedal is perfect for what I need it for! Nuff said.


Oo yeah JAMES BYRD [http://www.jamesbyrd.com] [http://welcome.to/jamesbyrd] also uses this!!!!!

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