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Sound Quality

there is nothing "realistic" about the sounds. they are basically independent analog synthesizers with vco, lowpass vcf, pitch bend up and down, pitch tune, tone/noise mix, decay, percussive click level, and a demonic thing called "2nd skin" which adds a second detuned vco and warps the first. it creates kind of distorted bell tones. the snare has a resonant filter that self-oscillates. one of the most exciting functions is the run generator, which controls the pitch of tom 1, at knob controlled settings, it ascends, descends, goes random, and everything in between these at a knob controlled repeat rate. this and the snare resonance make it worthwhile. it is not very good at drum sounds, but percussive and rhythmic synth sounds are really fun. it's oddness lends an air of experimentation not quite like conventional synths. great for esoteric techno.


i got mine in pretty bad shape. it was rusted and some internal connections were loose. it looks as though it's had exceptionally harsh treatment though. i'm sure most are rock solid. i can't afford backup equipment!

General Comments

i would want to buy it again for sure. i also have a sds-8 and a tama ts306, all triggered with the yamaha. these are all i use for drums and i make pounding techno. you can get serious punch and ringing bass by combining a couple of sounds. i love to make drum sounds and manipulate them with knobs, this was my affordable alternative to roland and jomox. the only downside is that one ancient yamaha drum machine and three ancient analog modules in a sea of patch cords is not exactly portable.

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