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Sound Quality

I use the 303 EF for Live performes and Mixing sets. It's very easy to hook up and you always have good sound for the money you got it. Its very noisy at first you think that it will blow up your speakers but its the same as the manual practise is the key. The noisyest setting is the flanger/phase The sound are not always great and thats because you have to get the settings right and that take's time. I'm using a Rodec mx 180 mk111 mixer and it works great. My speakers are active and that means that i don't need a Amp. The amp is Build into the subwoofer. My favorite artist who use the 303 roland EF are The Wyghnomy brothers from jena germany the use the echo and the flanger the most. Yes i can get the sounds right now the timing and pricision i need to work on. Yes there 8 programs with 8 different effects which you can use with the program you installed. Like the chorus ore distortion. But no that you have to try it first before you jump into a live performes a specially with this great machine.


Yes you can depend on your machine it never fails. I use it on almost every set i play and it never broke. But like all machine's there's a limited. Yes i would trust my machine and thats not what i can see from others machine's. Its very easy to hook up and it has never failed me yet.


General Comments

I play Minimal techno and Elektro and its a great match.

Specially the patches.

I play dance music for four years now.

My gear is:




1 Technics 1200sl

1 Technics 1210sl

1 Roland 303 Groove-Effect with tab sampler

1 Rodec MX 180 MK 111 mixer

1 Skytec 1200 cd player (pitch +8 & -8)

1 Vobis laptop (pentium 4/3,2 ghz)

1 Interface Recording (usb)

1 Sound mate 1 (1 Subwoofer 300 rms actief & 2 Tops 150 rms actief)

2 Jamo D 1225 / 120 watt

2 Magnat 120 rms (zuilen)

1 Sennheiser/Beyer microfoon E865

1 Technics dj 1200 koptelefoon (closed headphone)

1 Midi compossor (Quick Shot, Midi-keyboard)




1 Protools 6.7

1 Cubase SX

1 Reason 3.0

1 Cool Edit pro 2

1 Wavelab 5 Steinberg

1 Fruitty loops studio xxl v 5.2

1 Ableton Live 5


Ableton 5 & Reason 3 are hooked to Cubase sx for a complete homestudio

Reviewer's Background

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