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Sound Quality

I don't know what all this talk is about noise????? mine is just brilliant! no noise, hiss, buzz nothing! Maybe those who are having difficulty in some noise should invest in some good leads! I mean even just a lead can effect your overall tone! Try it out in a shop one day, try out a $40 lead then try out a $100 lead and immediately you'll hear a difference! My setup: Ibanez 520qs fitted with Dimarzio Evolution and Breed pickups, Mesa Boogie Triaxis, Mesa Boogie Silum 2:90, Mesa Boogie Traditional Rectifier 4 X 12 Cab, Digitech DHP-33, TC Electronic Gmajor, Boss GE-7,Boss DS-1, Boss BD-2, Ibanez TS-9, Rockman Acoustic Pedal, Crybaby Wah, Behringer FCB1010 foot controller. Eventhough my rig is killer I still use this pedal to help me get those raw SRV tones for gigs, that's really the only kind of tones you can't get from Boogie stuff!


It's a BOSS! I've owned BOSS pedals for over 10 years and have never had any problems!

General Comments

If you've got good equipment and good leads this product is killer with NO noise!

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