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Sound Quality

It's not an Eventide or Lexington. It does sound great though. Perfect for live gigs and even recording. To me, it's about the best sounding multi effects proccessor on the market.


I've had my unit since it first came out (SGX2000) which I believe was 90 or '91. I have never had any problem with it. I have had to replace the internal battery a few times and the tube (12AX7) a few times but other than that -it fires up every time with no problems. The only "oddity" is that when the battery goes low you it will not boot up correctly so you have to to a factory reset to play it. Just keep an eye on you battery voltage and your golden though. If the decimal point after the preset number is lit up -change your battery.

General Comments

I am not completely sure what I paid. I believe I paid around $300 maybe upwards of $400 but that was like 13 years ago. You maybe able to do more with those pedalboards with bulit in effects but to me they don't come close to the ART SGX as far as sound quality. This thing sounds BIG.

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