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Sound Quality

I have heard that this pedal sounds crappy. I beg to differ, it's the lazy person programming the patches, not the pedal. My friend lent me this so he could borrow my DOD Super American Metal. It sounded bad when I first had it. I took it home (On a night before school), and sat in my bed with the lights off programming patches with the LED's alone, using my Fender Jag-Stang with EMG pickups, and the headphones going into the headphone jack. I somehow managed to get Metallica-like Distortions, and Bluesy warm overdrives, and choruses much thicker than the chorus on my amp. I programmed patches that sounded like Aliens and Disembodied voices. and if your asking, no I was not tripping. This thing can SOUND EXCELLENT if you spend some time editing the patches and using your head to get the sounds you want.


You can depend on it, except the jack on the ac adaptor itself. After using it in my band for a month, the output plug on the adaptor jack self destructed inside the jack, leaving the metal positive conductor and the plastic insulation sleeve inside the jack. It worked OK for awhile longer until the insulation came out and the parts got mangled. Then I stripped off the output end of the adaptor and hardwired it into the pedalboard. It has worked perfectly ever sience. Who needs a bakup, all you need is MAYBYE a soldiering iron.

General Comments

People say this thing sucks, they know nothing...take it from a guy who has played six years, and been through effect after effect, this is the best multi effect device I have ever seen. If somebod stole it, I'd kick them in the nutsack and gangk it back.

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