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Sound Quality

Back then I used this with Charvel Jackson and Ibanez Jem guitars, mainly for direct recording in a home studio where I couln't crank up my amp. I no longer play those guitars but it's safe to say they're decent instruments. The JMP gave me a sterile, lifeless, and crappy sound, no matter what. I have heard shabby $40 distortion/overdrive pedals that worked better.


It's properly built. I dropped it once (from about two feet, on a carpet, so not exactly a worst case scenario for a piece of equipment) and it still worked. If only dropping it had changed the sound a bit I might have been happier - LOL.

General Comments

This isn't just about the JMP-1, folks. Marshall may be a "household name" but the only halfway decent stuff they produce are their top of the line TSL/DSL amps and their terribly overpriced Vintage re-issues (which, technically, are nothing like the "originals" whatsoever - no way, hah !). They make the *worst* messy sounding speaker cabinets you can imagine, and without any doubt the worst preamp I ever heard (this one). The reason why so many people, especially metalheads, think Marshall is so great is because it's all they see or know. As for this crummy excuse for a "valve preamp" : I couldn't believe this thing had valves inside - I doubt if they're actually in the circuit chain - LOL. But hey, they sit there glowing so that's nice. The question is if you want to spend nearly a grand on that. You'd be mad to do so. I have used quite a few pieces of Marshall equipment before I woke up and smelled the coffee. The only thing Marshall have going for them is the familiarity of the brand name. Nice gold plates, nice logo. But that's it. Even their "better" amps all sound alike - but they call it a "trademark sound". You want boring ? Buy a Marshall. Mesa/Boogie to some extent suffers from the same problem, but the overall quality and build is better. The most expensive MB products are very good, but overpriced - period. You think a rectifier cab is so great ? Check out a 4x12 Classic or Vintage Engl cab, sound better (especially in the low end) and costs less - only there you don't pay for the brand name. I really can't think of any good reason to spend money on a Marshall product if you're seriously after getting your own, great tone - the tone that suits your music, no matter what it is. If you're halfway decent on the guitar and want a great sounding amp that a) reflects what you play and b)is still within reach of mere mortals, check out brands like Engl, Hughes & Kettner, Brunetti, just to name a few. Marshall is cool if you play like everyone else and want to sound like everyone else. It may come across as very arrogant when an "absolute nobody" like myself slags off a company like Marshall - but for the love of God grab your guitar, go to the store and try some alternatives and LISTEN to the sound. Don't pay attention to what the mags say (they need Marshall's advertising money) and don't believe the crap from people who get their equipment for free. It's ironic : PLAY, LISTEN, and you will see why Marshall is probably one of the ***WORST*** tube amp manufacturers on the market today.

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