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Sound Quality

I use a Bond (yes it still works)and a solid state (shock horror) 100Watt H/H Combo. Not a valve in sight. Cool. But then again I play in a New wave band and that RRRROCK!!!!! sound bores me big time. Nope its the cool TRANSISTORISED cutting rhythm sound of natrurally overdriven late seventies technology that does for me. We have a bass player for the low notes!!!. Anyway this GE7 lets me hone that sound right down to a perfect early Buzzcocks, Wire, Fall, etc. sound with implicit ease. The settings are the opposite than for the Rockers. I start with the extreme wigwam setting and tune in from there. No V required. Suits my style perfectly and sits nice in a live mix without taking over and getting all macho. Good un'.


It would be hard to smash it I think. I just leave it on connected to the PSU and it stays happy all night. No back up required.

General Comments

Yup its cool for anything Style wise cos it helps you just tune into that sound you were after without spending a lifetime auditioning all amps and guitars in the world. i'd get a new one if I lost it. I compared it with another EQ that had no volume slider or on/off switch and worked of batteries only - but cost about the same. No contest. I wish it didnt look so style-less but hey looks are not everything. Basically its essential to me getting to the exact sound I want and that will apply to everybody no matter what tone you are looking for. Bit pricey though.

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