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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

my set up is: lespaul-wah-bad monkey overdrive-marshall regenerater-vox AD50 it can cover every style and sound i can think of. it's so good sounding and also sounds good at higher volumes which is nice for a modelling amp.


im on my THIRD one which now has another fault. its really annoying and im not sure about getting another one of these. the first fault i had was with the power level control on the back panel, when i reached a certain point there was a nasty high pitched squealing sound. ok, got my 2nd one which worked fine for a week before there was no guitar signal coming through and i could only hear a really loud humming sound. the worrying thing was after a bit there was a electrical burning smell coming from it...i didn't really want to put it on again after that. now i'm on my third one of these and it was all ok for a couple hours but now i've got the same fault that happened on amp 1. has anyone got any suggestions for a similar sort of amp?

General Comments

this amp is great for me as i'm 14 and can't really afford to buy the huge and expensive collection of amps and pedals this amp tries to recreate, it has great features and awesome sounds. the reliability is terrible and really frustrating having to take trips down to PMT and ringing vox and PMT all the time.

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