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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

My setup is: Gibson Les Paul Studio->wah->bad monkey overdrive->marshall regenerator->snarling dogs A/B selecter with A going to the vox and B going to an old peavey classic 20. This really sounds AMAZING especially when i look at how much i paid for it! I love being able to save two presets and also using the manual setting as a third channel. It really sounds like a tube amp but of course doesn't sound exactly like the real thing cranked up.


The reliability sucks, this is my third one of these and is playing up again so it'll mean number 4 or a similar amp. It'd be great if anyone has any suggestions for fairly cheap valve amps. My first amp had a problem with the power level control, so when it reached a certain point there was a really nasty high pitched squealing sound. This was sorted out with another amp, but this soon messed up half way through when iwas playing! There was a really horrible loud humming noise and no guitar sound at all. The really scary thing was that if it was left on for a bit it had a really nasty electrical burning smell. Now I've got my third one of these and I've got the same problem with the power level as i had on my first one. It's REALLY pissing me off.

General Comments

I've been playing for 4ish years and used to have a marshall MG50dfx which never let me down for two or three years. I also have two Peavey amps, one is a Rage 158 and the other one of the old Classic 20s.These also havn't let me down once. The Vox valvtronix amps are great sounding and great value for money but I really don't think it's acceptable to be having so many faults with them. I really don't want to have to change to another amp as this is perfect for me, but I think I might have to.

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