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David Coscina-Ei3S5

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra Workstation

Sound Quality

Sounds quite good especially in the strings (non looped) as well as the winds. Brass and percussion suffer a little bit from age but are still fairly authentic and usable. French Horns do have too much vibrato for film score work though. There are tons of articulations and combination patches to choose from. Also, the library is CPU friendly and doesn't create too much problems when writing dense orchestral music on a single PC (unlike bigger libraries). Max polyphony is 124 voice per instrument. More than enough.



General Comments

Initially I didn't like this library. I had just purchased EWQLSO Gold Pro XP and thought this library was so much inferior. however, after the most recent update that has allowed me to use this library on my Mac, I am in love with the sounds. The whole package is easy to use and the interface is elegant and invisible which means the composer can get to the music rather than get delayed in the technology.


It's never crashed and always works quickly and efficiently.

Reviewer's Background

Studied composition at York University and have been using MIDI instruments since 1984. I own various plug-in orchestra libraries including - EWQLSO Gold & Silver Pro XP - Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra - MOTU Symphonic Instrument - Kontakt 2 VSL library - Apple Jam packs - Garritan J&BB and Strad 2 - Korg Digital Legacy Collection - NI Bandstand - Arturia CS80V I am currently running Miroslav Philharmonik 1.1 Universal Binary with my iMac Intel Core 2 Duo on Digital Performer 5.1 I compose orchestral music in a film scoring vein.

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