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Sound Quality

I am now using the SGX with a Marshall JMP 1 in the effects loop.I can go from a wet distorted/satriani style sound to SRV clean but sustaining tone.I have run this set-up through 2x Vox AC30's,Fender twin & Rivera amps & now go directly into F.O.H. The factory presets were very noisy everything was set too high thus there was heaps of noise & the levels were all over the place.Now even with the seperate rack in the effects loop there is at most a light hiss.


It has been a reliable piece of equipment & have had no need for a backup in the time I have owned it.

General Comments

I play both covers & originals,I've been playing for 18yrs.I own a multitude of strat's,one Les Paul Signature & one Steve Vai Ibanez.If my SGX was stolen I probably wouldn't get another one,even though it has served me well there's just so many other units out there I would like to try something new.

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