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Sound Quality

Really great. Drums are punchy, guitars and basses are surprisingly good, orchestral stuff is more than adequate for backing in a pop music context. Synth sounds show great potential--this instrument will reward your programming efforts. I'm a little miffed about the lack of a CP80 electric grand sound. A great instrument that, like the Wurlitzer, will one day move from being out of fashion to being all the rage. I hear that there's one on the SRX card, but I don't live near a store that sells them, so I can't try one out. After what seemed like hours of internet research, I found a patch list for the SRX card, on some non-Roland website. (note that this, like all other useful information, is missing from Roland's site.) No patch on the entire card has "electric grand," "e-grand," "CP," or anything like this in its name. Couldn't they have squeezed one on there? Or if they did, why is it so hard for a customer to find this out? This synth would work for any genre of music that called for electronics. It would be brilliant for commercials, jingles, corporate videos, etc. If you're a Peter Gabriel, George Duke, or Simple Minds fan who wants a CP80 sound, you'll have to get an E-mu synth.


Very well built. Roland is great in this regard--their stuff lasts forever. The software in this synth seems reliable.

General Comments

If lost or stolen, hmmm.... I don't know what I'd do. I'd really rather have a 76-key keyboard, but the new Fantom X7 is really quite expensive.


Hey Roland: Want to make an easy million bucks? Make a counterpart to the Korg Triton Le. Leave off the silly, expensive {censored} that nobody wants (D-Beam, V-Link, Big Pink Pads), and make it sleek and lightweight. I'd even buy it with a smaller screen, fewer insert effects, and only one or two expansion slots, if that helped you bring the price down. Just give us the sounds, the sequencer and sampler, and the nice keys. That's what musicians want, and if you made it for us, stores wouldn't be able to keep them in stock. Oh, and make it black, would ya? Silver's getting old.

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