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Sound Quality

I bought the unit because of two artists - the Edge and a band called The Choir. Because the Edge uses a LOT more than just this processor, his effects are harder to replicate, but The Choir's lush, swirling, chorus effects are nearly the presets in some patches. The overdrive, chorus and delay effects are my particular favorites - with the compressor probably being the worst (fairly noisy). It's a little noisy just on it's own, as it was a bit before it's time and the bit depth and sampling rate of the A/D converters are a bit sub-par. I use my unit primarily with a Fender Strat (humbucker in bridge with a coil tap in second position) and either my '68 Fender Vibrolux (when it's working) or a 70's era Fender Champ (mic'd of course!).


It's an aging digital unit, so it needs some TLC on occasion. The internal memory is dependent on an internal battery, which wipes out your presets if it dies. If you keep an eye on it though it's not a problem. The only other reliability concerns are the front and back jacks, which are soldered right on the mainboard without any physical supports on the chassis. If you're the least bit handy with a soldering iron though, that's easy to fix (or upgrade to better jacks).

General Comments

I play rock, alternative and worship music at church. With enough time spent tweaking your presets, it works fine in all those scenarios. I've been playing for about 20 years. My other gear is too numerous to mention, but I have a few old tube amps, a modern (Line 6) amp, and about a dozen different electric and acoustic guitars. If I lost it, I'd find another for sure! I wish it had a bit better MIDI support - it's pretty basic, but again it was ahead of it's time and one of the first to have MIDI at all.

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