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Sound Quality

the sound quality is not the greatest thing i've ever heard in my life but it will give a wide range of sounds. if you're using this with a boss metal zone (MT-2) don't be fooled by some of these idiots that are telling you its the greatest thing in the world. if your looking for a metallica sound then this may help a little bit but don't let anybody fool you into thinking you need this to emulate a metallica/pantera sound. on the otherhand if you're looking for shit like cannibal corpse or six feet under then you will love this pedal. but this isn't got to help you get an in flames or metallica tone too much. may help with a few songs but you could definately do without for that type of sound. also, the V-shape is crap unless again you're looking for brutal metal like assuck where you can't even hear the notes. there is a bit of buzzing and feedback that you get from this pedal especially as you turn the volume up even when it's not on there is a lit bit of humming but that's not the worst thing in the world either though.


9- it's a boss pedal but watch out about that knobs they're not made to stay if you kick it around a bit.

General Comments

honsestly, if you like really brutal death metal then you will love this pedal. not that i have anything against that but that's not the kind of sound that i'm looking for. i'll keep this pedal and i will use it as a boost. it is somewhat helpful for that. however, it's nothing unbeilvable either. if u use that so-called V-shape then you might get a {censored}ty sound on the clean. this pedal was definately made to be used after distortion and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn't know what he's talking about. i would almost go as far to say that if you're looking for an equalizer and you just want a boost or you just want to use it to give u just a little more bass in some songs like metallica's or in flames then i'd recommend getting a dod equalizer. for the kind of practical purposes i use them for the dod would suffice without fail. so if ur like me i suggest you save yourself a couple of bucks and get a dod instead. at most places you'll find that it's at least 80 dollars some places 90 and above. it's really not worth that much. overally i give it a 7 if ur willing to pay that much.

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