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Sound Quality

What the hell is everyone on this thing talking about? I hate this pedal! It's noisy as hell through every single amp I've ever run it through. Also, the signal is REALLY compressed, which means at high gain settings you get this annoying "spongy" sound and a constant fuzz. Plus, this thing has NO, I repeat, NO HIGH-END!!! I played through a P.A. system through this pedal along with someone playing through a Boss multi-effects, and could not be heard at all. I was all bass and he was all treble, which gets really annoying when you can't hear yourself. Plus, the majority of the effects, especially the wah and pitch shifter, are really weak. --one good point--this thing is great for direct recording, but I wouldn't use it live


It's solid metal, but the patches are hard to hit they're so small and then there's the delay thing...

General Comments

What's the point of buying something if it sounds terrible after a while? Do some research on the sound you want, and get some specific amp/pedals to do it--multi-effects are way overrated.

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