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Sound Quality

Here, my friends, is where the buck comes to a screeching halt on this box! There are some really nice fx sounds here, as well as a somewhat convincing 303 emulation, BUT in no less than 4 of the available algos there are HORRIBLE, LOUDLY AUDIBLE stair-stepping glitches when turning the 'tweak' knobs. For one, the Low pass Filter on the 303 synth step in increments of about 4 or 5 steps, causing that nasty 'jutt-jutt' feel as you sweep through the values. You also can't use the 303 synth with ANY other effects...LAME! The Lo-Fi algo, another important one, at least to me, NEVER STOPS stair-stepping on any of the 'tweak' knobs!!! The Flanger is REALLY cool ounding, but again, when tweaking the DEPTH knob, 'click-click-jutt-jutt'...ARRRGGH!!!! These glitches, as well as no distortion algo, and no response to midi controller number 7 were enough letdown for me to pack this bitch up, and take it back to the store. I implore you to play with this unit for at least a SOLID half hour, tweaking ALL effects, and trying out the 303 synth before making a purchase. These things are $500 new, and for that kind of money in a limited little box, it damn well better NOT have these kind of glitches, and should also be able to F*CK my wife when I don't feel like it, too!


Very reliable, solid metal chassis, cool paint job, solid knobs and sliders...DOESN'T MAKE UP FOR WHAT A HEAP OF JUNK THIS THING IS!!!


General Comments

Useless to me, and anyone else who expects quality in return for their hard-earned money!

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