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Sound Quality

I've used it with a Marshall JCM 800 and it sounded terrible. I started using it now with my Vox twin 30 Cambridge (solid state with tube pre-amp) and I'm starting to love the sound I'm getting...Iwas really surprised. I mainly use it with the boost all the way up and the tone mid-way, otherwise it's pretty weak. I get a smooth yet gritty overdrive crunch that I like for lead work better than the amps dirty channel. I also use a Big Muff in conjunction for fuzzier sounds. I paid $20.00 used, so It's worth the $$$>


I haven't played out with it yet, so I can't really say, but it's been fine so far at home, but reading some of the other coorespondance, i'll say n/a....

General Comments

My band's stylistic approach is very diverse, this pedal works for the more crunchy grunge type feel. I've been playing 10+ yrs, and I won't say my search is over for the perfect sound for me. I play an american Strat and Les Paul standard thru a Vox Cambridge I sorta ran across it by mistake and bought it for the price, since I really don't like DOD products, as I like more vintage tones. All in all I think it really does warm up Solid states, but not for an all tube amp

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