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Sound Quality

I'm giving it an 8 just because it's so good value. The cabinet sims are so good I became addicted to them, and couldn't play with the BritStack emulation on! They really do add a lot of presence and depth to a small amp. Distortions are okay, but noticably electronic at higher settings. I used this with a Marshall ShredMaster (one of the most natural sounding pedals around), so the only time I'll use distortion is if I want to sound synthy - good for a Blue Box emulation, though, I guess! I'd recommend getting a couple of decent distortion boxes to go with this. Most of the effects are pretty good. The wah is a bit crap for actual funk, but makes a deep synthy sound reminiscent of the MXR Blue Box when the pedal is depressed. The Phaser is a bit blah, but the flanger and tremelo are as good a most standalone boxes. The ring mod and the other wacky effects are well-produced, though they lack the spark of, for example, an Electro Harmonix box, so I found myself using them sparingly. Chorus is nice, and the delay is very, very good. The pitchshifter and tone bend are absolutely awful, but good if you want Atari sounds. Overall most of the effects here are 8/10 or 9/10, with the exception of the distortions (5/10). Nothing is very spectacular here, but the sheer amount makes up for it. I was using it with my Burns guitar and a keyboard amp (for bass).


Well, I've had it for 4 years and, to my surprise, the footswitches haven't broken, though the knobs do keep falling off. The wah pedal has some kind of fault in it where using the pedal only makes a very small tone change - this can only be fixed by unplugging the box and plugging it in again. This only happens with the wah effect. Othewise this is a very solid and good-looking unit.

General Comments

I've been fairly harsh with some of the ratings here, but that's got more to do with my general dislike of multieffects and this unit itself. The main problems with it (inorganic sounds, the fact that you can use a tremelo and flanger at the same time, the fact that nothing sounds exactly individual) are problems found in all but the most expensive boxes. I'm going to keep using this for it's more obscure effects (ring mod, flanger, delay, electro-fuzz), but it's been superceded by my stomp boxes for most of the time. I'd recommend this unit to someone just starting out on guitar, or to someone like me who likes to use odd effects on occasion, or to someone who doesn't feel the urge to turn all their effects on at once, turn up the amp to 11, and run away.

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