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Sound Quality

I've been using an ESP KH-2 through this amp, and there is one thing this amp does very well.. metal. It's crushing tones are very crushing, I'm not into the "classic" amp models so much, but when I'm looking for something different, they do the trick. The amp handles clean to crushing very well and sounds good. Recording direct, you will lose something it seems. You can also tell you're going direct with it, but with a little tweaking it sounds good.


I've had to have this amp worked on once, the power supply went dead. So it just wouldn't turn on, but other than that, the amp has been fine. However, I have not gigged extensively with this amp, I've played maybe 2-3 shows with it. So, as far as sitting in a studio, it's reliable.

General Comments

This amp is great if you need a lot of tones and effects. The amp is reliable in a studio/sitting around situation for sure. It gets loud enough for jamming with friends. It sounds metal. So if you're a metal guitarist, for sure, this amp will treat you right. The Graphic EQ really helps in bringing out the distortion you want. I just wish I could get a better recorded sound out of it, but I'm working on it! If this amp were stolen, I think I'd save up for a Mesa in the long run. 1 great tone vs 1000 mediocre tones is probably the best way to go. For the price though, and the sound, the amp is awesome for intermediate guitarists. (Which is what I was, when I bought it.)

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