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Sound Quality

Sound quality is good, although it is 16 bit. Nice big fat reverbs, good delays, chorus is lush in stereo, the phaser is a bit weak, the wah is pretty decent, and the whammy is really fun to get all sort of weird sounds with, especially fed into some warped delays. you can even program the treadle pedal to change more than one thing at a time, like the whammy and the depth of the dealy. the distortions kind of suck on it. but since I'm not really into the modern metal sound, it could just be me. although I did get a decent sound with the overdrive setting along with a warm cab amp sim. If you mess with pedal long enough you can get a great sound. you just have to use it tastefully and not go overboard with a million things at once.


very reliable. all metal. like all electronics I'd keep it away from extreme temperatures. there is one thing though, the little red wire that attaches to the treadle pedal has a tendency to fall off and need to be resoldered. it's not a problem to fix, but when it does fall off it makes all the foot switches unoperable. and the people at digitech don't have a clue about this. so is it reliable overall? I would say yes

General Comments

play loud fast guitar music mostly. but when I need something reverbed with some effects its come in handy. I've used it for recording direct and it worked pretty good.

I don't like the fact that it's kind of hard to use, since it has so many options to it. but the rpedit software helped a lot.

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