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Sound Quality

I use a ESP 7-string and an Ibanez GAX thru a Boss Pitch Shifter, DOD envelope filter, ibanez tube screamer, Boss GE-7, Boss Phase Shifter, DOD chorus, and a boss tuner, to a marshall GR80 (to be replaced by a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier in about a week.) The Ge-7 really made my amp distortion shape up. I was using a Zoom tri-metal and was gonna buy a boss metal zone before I bought this and it really beefed up the sound. combined with the tube screamer, it made my distortion sound heavenly. Consequently I sent the zoom pedal back and didn't buy the metal zone. can't wait to hear how it sounds with the triple rectifier


It's a boss.

General Comments

If you never buy another pedal, buy this one. I could not believe how much it improved my sound, distortion and clean. It is not noisy at all, and every player should have one of this in their chain. run out and get one and see what I mean.

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