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Sound Quality

I rate the sound quality between great and excellent. If want to make something totally new and different, there's not another box like this outside of an expensive eventide. It has a nice reverb which compliments the utter programmability of the rest of the unit. You can use a MIDI footswitch to change any parameter in this beast very simply (I'm using the 3.00 software revision). With amazing programmability, great reverb and cool stuff like smooth whammy, it's great for making new sounds. As others have stated, the wah is crap and is basically unusable (for me at least)... but a great compliment to this machine is a resonant filter effect like those found in synthesizers. Route that through the FX send and you've got a nice wah plus incredible "space" rock sound or ambience.


I had a few interesting glitches when I upgraded it to 3.00 software... but after re-initializing the hardware a couple times, it shaped up.

General Comments

I play ambient rock/industrial accompanied by synth sounds and drums ala Bjork, Radiohead, and U2. If you love to program sounds and have complete control over routing, this is an awesome box. If you just want something you can use, you might be dissapointed or downright hate the thing. Also, if you want a good wah built in... eheh, prolly look elsewhere. If you have one, some cool things to try are to use low pass and high pass e.q. filters on it to route only portions of the guitar's frequency to different effects and mix the outcome into one signal. a cool sound I've found is to route the high frequencies through a flange then mix with the dry signal to a delay, then mix with another dry signal to a reverb, and then mix the outcome with another dry signal.

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