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Sound Quality

I play either a les paul or strat through an old yamaha distortion to an Ibanez fuzz to a micro-vibe then to the fx 747. This effect is very quiet. I am able to get many different sounds other than the jet effect. It sounds very much like a chorus in some settings. One of the things I liked about this effect vs boss is that it has an effect level. Sometimes you just want a little flange to go with everything else that's really not possible with the boss. I play through a vintage crate 50 watt, or straight into a 4-track, sounds great either way. This flanger can get you PatTravers(any one know who that is) sound Van Halen or any other flanging artist you can think of. Sounds very good after a distortion, not before though.


I think this pedal is very dependable as long as you don't stomp too hard. The only weakness I can see is the battery compartment. I don't know if they still make this effect I just happened to find it at a local music store still in the plastic. I tried this one , a boss, a dod stereo flanger and an old Ibanez fl9.This one would do everything the others could do. The old Ibanez was too scary because of it's age. The dod stereo was way too weak, the boss too limited.The fx747 was the hands down winner.

General Comments

overall I'd have to say Im glad that the store still had one of these because I'd have probably gone for the boss and missed out on some good sounds. I've been playing about 30 years and haven't got tired of these toys yet. I play rock only. They help me make music more interesting. I do a lot of recording and this pedal sounds very good recorded. If it was lost or stolen I'd probably look for another if I couldn't find one I'd probably get a deluxe mistress.If you need a good flanger pick one of these up you won't be disapointed.

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