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Sound Quality

The guitar has a very clean sound and is great for slide. I typically use it with a Danelectro Fab Tone among other things. Each of the 5 pickup settings (N, N/M, M, M/B, B) are all COMPLETELY different sounding. I love playing this guitar clean with the gain turned way up so that you get that nice crunch from the soapbars.


This guitar is a definite gigster. I bang it all the time and it still doesn't have any scratches or dents. The pickup covers oxidize very easily so keep them clean. The strap buttons seem smaller than any I've seen before, which makes it easy for the strap to come off when playing vertical or when you take it upside down behind you. This guitar is very trustworthy.

General Comments

This guitar is a keeper, whether I'm playing it or just showing it off on a stand. I wish it had a fixed bridge with a stopbar, because I hardly use the whammy on this guitar! It also would have been helpful to print the model number on the back somewhere near the serial number.

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