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Sound Quality

when i first got this i thought it was really good. i think that was partially due to the fact that up until that point i was limited to getting distortion through my crappy squier 15 watt amp. but, after i bought a real amp, a 59 fender bassman reissue, and started using distortion pedals i realized that this board really isn't that good. first off, there is only two distortion settings--grunge and overdrive i think they're called. although there are many settings to adjust in each one, it never seemed to sound the way i wanted. also, you can forget about using the distortion without the noise suppressor on. there is WAY TOO MUCH static. also, many times, the board would just cut off a note i was playing instead of letting it ring. i found that the tuner is very jittery and always seems to be confused on what note it hears. the effects are nice but i just don't have the neccessary patience to adjust every concievable little parameter for each effect. i suppose this board is okay for practicing, or for people just starting out; i think i just outgrew it after awhile


i would not depend on this unit. i do not know if i am the only person with this problem, but my power supply always seems to be loose when plugged into the back of the unit. on top of that, the power supply just does not work sometimes. i'll plug it in and the board won't turn on, so i'll try moving the cord a little. sometimes would turn on after that. other times, i'll be dicking around with the cord for several minutes and it still won't turn the unit on. i would not trust this unit on a gig, all it would take (assuming it turns on to begin with) to shut the power off is for me to do anything that would move the cord in the slightest manner.

General Comments

if this unit were stolen, i wouldn't be heartbroken. i don't use it anymore at all. overall, in my opinion, this is strictly a processor for people who are just starting, or for practicing. it just doesn't seem commendable in any area for serious use. i don't think they're made anymore anyways.

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