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Sound Quality

My setup is Ibanez RG370 -> Boss PW-10 -> Boss MT-2 -> Boss GE-7. It can greatly improve your sound. My metal zone sounds quiet harsh and fuzzy but with the GE-7 after it and a good bit of tweeking you can get the perfect sound. I cant lay without it now, when i do i feel theres something missing. I play mostly metal and this does the job perfect. Im not one of those new metal people that cut mids, i set it to boost bass level low mids boost high mids and level treble. One problem is that if you boost too much it can get quiet noisey


I wouldnt need a backup. As its boss is built like a tank.

General Comments

This is the pedal to get. Its essiential to a good sound.

With this you can get any sound possible. I used to run it through my effects loop on my amp until i got a dist pedal and it sounded excellent. BUY THIS NOW

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