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Sound Quality

I'm using a strat with a humbucker in bridge position running into a 50w amp. effetcs like delay, flanger and so on really kick ass! the reverb is very noisy and the distortion sucks. it sounds like there is some flanger mixed in. well overall: for flanger, chorus and delay: 6 out of 10 / would the distortion be much better and the reverb less noisy I'd give full 10 points.


the pedals are small. with large feets you easily can step on the wrong one. happened to me on a gig. but if you know where to stomp it's okay. it's playstic so take care. all in all it' okay.

General Comments

I play rock, punk, etc. and especially the flanger and delay are effetcs that I never heard better anywhere else. for distortion look out for a boss turbo dist. and for chorus just try an ibanez one. I would not buy it again, even I never bought it. just borrowed it from a friend. I recently bought the korgax100g which sounds overall better than the bosss because of built in vamps (better distortion etc).

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