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Sound Quality

I'm using this effect with a Peavey T-60(POS) through a Line 6 Spider 112. THe guy at the store asked me what amp I was using and when I told him a Line 6 he discouraged me from buying this pedal. What an idiot. The tone is great, even on this horrible guitar and old strings. My band has an upcoming gig in 3 days, and I was going to resort to using my acoustic just to get a good tone out of the fuller chords. Now this isn't the least bit necessary. When I use the metal zone, there is little change in the tone, but that clean sound is heavenly.


Although I haven't dealt with it for very long yet, from what I have seen so far, I would definitely gig it without a backup.

General Comments

I play in an alternative rock band, and this pedal is a perfect match. If it was stolen, I would go buy it again, and kill the mother {censored}er who took it. Then I would keep the 2nd one so I could have 2 EQ's to switch easily between. It almost eliminates the need for an acoustic simulator.

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