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Sound Quality

I used a marshall combo, HH combo, and Torque combo. A stereo output was taken from the output and the left channel taken to the Marshall. The right channel was taken to a stereo chorus with 1 channel to the HH and one to the Torque. The mix of the 3 amps gave a powerful Upfront sound which made my Guild and Burns Brian May guitars sing. My favourite artist is of course Brian May and preset 4/4 gives me the Hammer to fall effect. A few of the harmony effects are quite good and the single delay is good for Brighton Rock type work however some of the harmony channels are useless. I have since removed this pedal from my live set up and only use it as an amp simulator for recording work. a built in tuner would have been useful rather than just the tuning fork.


The footswitch let me down once and was repaired under warranty. I have since replaced my set up and now use a vox valvetronix and vox brian may. I still bring it along but its use thru the pa is not recommended as it sounds a bit passive, however its better than nothing at all.

General Comments

I play a mixture of music and use it to create backing tracks.

Have played for almost 30 years and use the guild and burns brian mays with brian may vox thru vox valvetronix. The zoom is used with cubasis to create backing tracks. I have some old analogue effects which do not work effectively with the newer amps.

Just wish it had a tuner and a port for a pp3 battery instead of the obsolete thing it has.

To get the best out of this unit it must be used in stereo as the mono sound is too busy for one channel and makes a confused noise.

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