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Sound Quality

well, i used to have a RP-5 and a RP-10, sold both because i like to move on. a buddy told me the RP-1 was better than all the RP's. so, i bot a used one recently. I must agree, it was a pleasure playen the f thing. i 'm using a yamaha DG-100 with the digitech. i know, its an effect amp, but nice to have many more options. I must say, i like the unit. the distorsions are ok, i like the clean effects.


this unit look like it was in WW III. i can tell its been played for a long time, but for $75 who cares the unit still works like new

General Comments

I'm a blues guy !!! and i love david gilmore big time

i'm not GAY, but david wood you marry me ???

i have two yamaha amps that i love

i think its time for a change, so i'm buying a F 4x12 speaker cabinet and buying a tube power amp and hooken the F RP-1 to it !!


yeah, buy a RP-1, yoll lik it


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