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Sound Quality

I've used this unit with Mesa and Roland amps, usually with LP or Strat-style with humbuckers, and I've never really been that impressed. It seems like the people who designed this unit intended for every patch to be heavily distorted, so clean patches tend to be poorly matched in terms of levels and extremely noisy. And to make matters worse, most of the distortion sounds are sterile to begin with. You also get some nasty clipping and breathing out of the compressor. On some clean settings with heavy chorus/flange/EQ/comp, it buzzes and distorts out.


What it does, it does consistently. The lens for the floor unit display fell out within a few weeks, though.

General Comments

Not terribly versatile. I suppose it is OK if you use distortion in every patch and don't have a great need for warmth. Difficult to gig with because of the level mismatch.

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